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  • Do you do anything to avoid giving a presentation?
  • Are you able to present but know you don’t look or sound as capable as you are?
  • Do you feel your confidence disappearing even before you open your mouth?
  • Is your lack of presentation skills holding you back in your career or business?
  • Would you just like to get better at doing what others seem to be able to do easily?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions …

… it’s not just you feeling this way.

All these scenarios are more common than you think. Uncertainty and lack of confidence about speaking is very common … and we want to change this.

Eduardo Briceño, who with Carole Dweck, is a pioneer of the growth mindset approach, said in a 2016 TedTalk … “a tightrope walker doesn’t practice new tricks without a net underneath, and an athlete wouldn’t set out to first try a new move during a championship match ”.

Given this is true, why do we expect to be able to stand up and speak effectively, persuasively and impactfully at work without giving ourselves the time and a safe space to practice and develop these skills.

Eduardo differentiates between The Learning Zone and The Performance Zone.

The Performance Zone is…

  • Where you spend much of your time at work. You deliver to the best of your ability with a fear of making mistakes or looking foolish.

The Learning Zone is…

  • Where you can practice new skills, try out techniques and see if they work for you. It is where the emphasis is less on getting it right and more on seeking improvement. When you feel under pressure at work, you are reluctant to enter The Learning Zone.

The Presentation Club has been set up to give you a Learning Zone.

  • Somewhere where you can learn how to improve your presentation skills and practice with purpose.
  • A space where you can expect to make mistakes and the consequences of doing so will be unimportant.
  • And over time, with a group of likeminded people you will consistently develop your presentation skills, permanently changing the way you feel about having to present and increasing your confidence to do so … so you never again answer ‘Yes’ to the questions above.

Each month you’ll cover tools and techniques around one aspect of presenting … from creating a ‘hook’ to having a voice of authority … from developing different styles of presentation to techniques for improving your memory.

Tools and techniques – combined with the opportunity to practice them – to enable you to build your effectiveness, influence and impact through presenting.

Every month we’ll…

  • hold two 2-hour sessions online – you can join us for one or both.
  • both will contain techniques and exercises addressing that month’s topic;
  • both will allow for time to practice with specific feedback from one of our Partners With You team; and
  • you will receive any exercises and templates so you can build up your own Presenter’s Tool Kit.

You will grow at your own speed building your skills monthly. You can stay in the club for as long as you like with no joining fee or minimum membership.


We will be opening the club after Easter 2022 and if you join during the opening week, you will join at a preferential rate of just £40 + vat (£48) per month.

Register your interest here and we’ll be in touch!

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