Successful Interview Techniques – Part 3

Following the last 2 blogs, this one is all about successful interview techniques, on how to meet and greet with confidence.

1. Barriers – We naturally create barriers in order to protect ourselves, particularly when we are nervous or feeling unsure. We fold our arms and cross our legs. The more barriers we have the more stilted our conversation becomes. Having open body language is an important part of communicating well. Avoid barriers!

2. The Handshake – Your handshake contributes to the impression that you make and can determine how others treat you.  Limp or overly strong handshakes are the 2 extremes. Practice yours and ask others what does your handshake say about you?

3. Conversation Techniques – Small talk doesn’t come easily to most of us but at many interviews this is part of the assessment.  Remember – the longer someone is speaking the more interesting they will find you.

  • Wear a widget – Wear something that might generate conversation – a brooch, a bright tie, a lapel pin denoting you are a member of something, a blood or charity donor, an interesting piece of jewellery.  Make sure that you have a story behind it so that if someone does comment you have somewhere to go.

For example why do you donate to the charity, how long have you been donating, who gave you the jewellery or tie and why, where were you when you bought it?  All of these may provide a source of commonality.

  • Questions & Answers – Ask open questionsRemember from Rudyard Kipling-

I keep six honest serving-men, (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When, And How and Where and Who.

Whether you receive an open or closed question make sure that you can never be accused of giving a NAKED ANSWER – a one word answer that takes you nowhere!

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