New to networking? 5 Simple Networking Tips

New to networking? Got a networking event on the horizon? Attending a conference/meeting/ceremony where you’re expecting to network with a lot of interesting people you wish to make a good impression on?

Here’s a list of 5 simple networking tips that will help you !

1. Remember you aren’t there to sell.

A lot of the pressure you put on yourself is that you have to sell something. Networking is a long term strategy and your goal should be to build relationships with people you already know and meet some new contacts.

2. Have some questions ready.

Especially if you’re nervous, it is much easier to let someone else do all of the talking. And when someone else is talking about themselves they’ll think you are the most interesting person in the room. So have a few questions ready to keep the conversation going.

3.Get there early.

There is nothing worse than walking into a room full of strangers who are already having in-depth conversations with each other. This can be avoided by arriving a few minutes early, so when people arrive after you they are more likely to start a conversation with you.

4. Hover by the coffee.

If you don’t want to walk up to people and interrupt or you just don’t know how to approach people, then standing near the coffee is a good idea, it means people will be coming up to you, and that is when you can start the conversation.

5. Remember you’re not the only person who is nervous!

It is so easy to feel like you’re the only person who is uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to do, but it is surprising how many people feel the same way as you, or did when they first started networking. Just keep calm and relax.

Finally don’t forget your business cards – as you will want a way of the new people you meet to contact you!


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2 thoughts on “New to networking? 5 Simple Networking Tips”

    1. Sally Hindmarch

      So true Paul. I don’t think we ever stop needing to be reminded of the basics every now and again. I have definitely hovered by the coffee a number of times!

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