How to easily spot if you need to change the way you communicate.

As I say in this video … it doesn’t matter who you are or your job title, you are in sales. And whoever you are talking to they will either be a thinker or a doer. So, with a little thought and understanding you can change your style of communication to suit theirs.


If you like what I say there are two ways you can find out more.

  1. This is one of the challenges from the 5-day communication challenge over on the Step Out From The Shadows website and by clicking here you can join it today.    
  2. If you would like an in-depth understanding of the way you communicate and how that can impact on your relationships at work (and how to spot other people’s preferences) then speak to me about creating your own PRISM Brain Mapping profile.

Once you understand your communication style you can start taking control over the way others are working with you and the impact and influence that you have.

It is in your control and we can give you the tools and techniques to start building new relationships, increasing your influence and helping you to deliver your message more effectively … whatever the situation.

2 thoughts on “How to easily spot if you need to change the way you communicate.”

  1. This made me stop and take a few moments to evaluate those that surround me.
    I’m surrounded by Do’ers in work with one who shows traits of doing after a very brief spell of thinking.
    At home, I have a solid thinker, which is sometimes frustrating as I’m a Do’er and much prefer quick JFDI decisions. That said, my home life thinker has kept me on the right tracks many a time. Maybe I need a thinker in the business for better balance?! Thanks Sally.

    1. Sally Hindmarch

      Ahh Andrew that is the basis of diversity! Having someone who views the world differently to you (or indeed more like some of your clients) is always a good thing. All be it frustrating to navigate at times! Glad you found this useful.

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