20 years on and still going strong


Happy Birthday Partners With You!

We’re 20 years old on December 4th 2020

I must admit there were times this year when I wasn’t sure we would reach the milestone … let’s just say it wasn’t the year that we planned … but we are here and still doing our stuff!

I set the business up with the strap line “helping companies to stop annoying their customers” and over the years that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Whether we’re helping you to present your plans to others, your salesmen to sell, your managers to manage or your front of house staff to greet your guests with a huge smile and a welcome … we are helping you and your teams to make your customers day.

And when you make someone’s day, handle a complaint with aplomb or set expectations so everyone knows where they stand … the world becomes a better place; for you, your staff and your customers!

Over the 20 years our core offering – to help you to look and sound more confident than you feel – hasn’t really changed, and the need hasn’t either. The channel of communication may be different, but the problem and solution aren’t.

Partners With You was launched on 4th December 2000. This was a time pre smart phones, and tablets were something you took when you were ill.

Less than 50% of us had internet access at home and those who did had to choose between using the phone and going on line.

Skype, Twitter & Facebook were yet to be launched, Zoom was an ice lolly and I used to send letters by post to prospects and clients! 

The idea that we could run our businesses while locked in our houses, speaking to each other on a “video phone” and communicating across towns, countries and continents in real time was still science fiction.  

So, we weren’t fearful of being seen on a screen (unless you worked in Telly) but the effect of the fear when standing in the wings of stage are the same as waiting to talk to camera, albeit balanced on an ironing board in the corner of your living room! And indeed, our very first workshop is still one of our bread and butter offerings … our presentation and confidence building workshop.

It has just morphed and become our online presentation skills workshop! £295 + vat will get you a morning of techniques and an opportunity to receive specific individual feedback and an hour’s coaching session with one of our team. We are running them almost every month in 2021 and you can book on any of them here.

And to celebrate our 20th birthday this workshop is being offered for just £150 + vat (I know that’s a 50% gift!) to the FIRST 20 individuals booked on to any of the dates being offered in 2021.

One of our most recent delegates was asked what she would tell others about the course and she said … It was brilliant, excellent … you will improve your presentation ability/methods straight away.”

Only £150 to improve your presentation skills straight away and you have access to the team for 3 months following your workshop date … so you can call with any question or concern you may have completely free of charge!

Go on …

… give yourself a Christmas Present that could literally, change your life.

Just use the code Weare20 when you book or if you prefer an invoice call me and I’ll sort out the paperwork for you.

2 thoughts on “20 years on and still going strong”

  1. Dear Sally,

    As you say the internet has transformed so much and it is still a tiger by the tail. However the reality is is small beer compared with the seismic shift that AI will bring. Exciting and Frightening in equal measure!

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