2 quick wins to improve your online communication skills.

\"\"There are a number of ways that you can diminish your authority online and two key ones are to have poor lighting and to get the camera angle wrong.

If you don’t get these right then at best, your audience will be struggling to see you and at worst, looking straight up your nostrils … never a way to create an air of authority.

This short video gives you some easy to complete suggestions on how to get your lighting and camera angle right every time you log on.


4 thoughts on “2 quick wins to improve your online communication skills.”

  1. Brilliant tips – perhaps some might say obvious, but if they were people would not make these mistakes…and I see this sort of thing all the time so… watch the video, pay attention and listen to Sally! Oh and if you need to put a video like this in your website ask me how to do it! paul@kehorne.digital

    1. Sally Hindmarch

      Thanks Paul – I’m glad you found the video useful. And yes, once you have created your video Paul would be a great person to speak to about getting it on your website or social media.

  2. Sally,

    By coincidence I was at a pre-presentation Zoom meeting this morning and was helping some of the attendees with the same conversation. Two things to add.

    1. The background should not be distracting, yours was perfect.
    2. The sound was so low I had to use earphones and turn up to maximum to hear you.

    Peter H.

    1. Sally Hindmarch

      I couldn’t agree more about background Peter … it is ALWAYS worth checking what’s behind you before going online!

      I’m sorry you are having an issue with the sound, I’ve checked on two devices here and there doesn’t seem to be a problem on either of them so not sure what to suggest

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